Monday, May 7, 2012

My CPS Nightmare

Hello World!  My name is Mariah Williamson.  I am a mom to a great little girl who is nine months old.  My daughter and I are on our own.  My daughter's father is not around.  I work really hard to take care of her. 
A few months ago, I was dancing for a living.  My job was not illegal and it did not negatively affect my daughter.  I had a babysitter that stayed with her during the nights when I worked.  I only worked three nights a week.
I paid the rent on our apartment which is in a nice part of town and I paid my own car payment and insurance and utilities and phone and stuff.  I buy all the pampers.  I pay the babysitter.  And I dont get food stamps.
I am a good mom.  Me and my daughter are together all day every day and she is sleeping when I am at work.
My NOSEY NEIGHBOR called CPS a few months back and told them that I abandon my baby and am a prostitute at night which is NOT TRUE.  They came at night when I was not home and the babysitter was sitting on the back porch on the phone.  They took Alaysha, my daughter. 
I have been working with CPS for a few months now to try to get Alaysha back.
I just want to share my story with America and anybody else who cares!  I just want to put my nightmare out here for all of you to know so that maybe it will help.
They did not have a real reason to take my baby.
For the first four weeks after my baby was gone, I could only see her on weekends and it took two weeks before I even got to see her.
They don't tell you where your child is living.
She went in foster care with STRANGERS when we have family here.
Then I had to work even more hours at the club to be able to pay for an attorney.  (If you need any attorney, google CPS attorney in your city.  There are people to help)
My attorney got involved and worked it out where I had to go to court and take some classes too.  (If you get ordered to take parenting classes, the people my attorney recommended were and they are 100% online so I didnt have to sit through some nasty seminar or anything.)  I had to have my home checked (your attorney should tell u what cps is looking for in a home visit to make sure your house is fit) and I had to go through a psychological evaluation (cps will assign a psychologist to you).  All of this to get my own baby back!
Beware of nosey neighbors and if you are the nosey neighbor, please be careful about telling people things that you don't know are true.  CPS ruined half a year of my baby's life and my life.  CPS took my baby for no reason!  Be careful, moms.